toliet King John.JPG

Has the traveling toilet been found encroaching upon your feudal lands??

Fear Not, My Friend!

For help is on the way!

Flush Away: For $10 we will remove His Royal Highness from your property.

Flush A Friend: For $20 we will happily relocate King John to the home of another theatre lover in or around the Plano area.

Flush No More: For $30 you may not only Flush a Friend, but we also hereby offer toilet insurance so that the King never again returns to your yard. 

First Flush: If you're not currently hosting King John, for $10 you can get in line to Flush a Friend the next time His Royal Highness is back at the castle.

Royal Flush: We take donations of any kind!  Please choose from the drop-down menu below, or contact us if you'd like to become a West Theatre Sponsor at a higher level.

Potty Pooper: If you don't want to participate, no worries!  Please feel free to contact us, or simply do nothing and the toilet will magically disappear in about three days.  We want to thank every one of you for your support, whether financial, or from the heart.

For questions, please contact Monica Cooley at PlanoWestTheatre@gmail.com